1996 HEIDELBERG CD 102-6 LYLX, 28"x40" 6 Color + 2 Coaters

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CD 102-6 LYLX, 28"x40" 6 Color + 2 Coaters - 0000

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1996 Heidelberg CD102-6+LYLX, 6 Color Straight , Hot Air,Tresu Anilox Coater with Chambered Doctor Blade System and IR Dryers + Hot Air and 2nd Coater with Pan Roller Coater for UV and 2 Cassettes of IR Dryers and 6 Hot Air Knives & 3 GRAFIX AIR COOLED UV LAMPS, Hot Air after 6th Unit. ( Removed & Kept On Storage) 3 Grafix UV Lamps, CPC 1.04 Console, Aclolor Vario Dampening, PRESET FEEDER, Ink Setinels ( Agigator with cartridge system) Unit 2-5, Botcher Hybrid Rollers, Ink Temprature Control, All ( Blanket, Impression Cylinders, Rollers) Washers in Daily Use, All Semi autoplate loaders work Perfectly, Never Ran on Board, 6 Royse R&R Chillers, Atlas Copco SF 4 Compressor with Refrigerated Air Dryer, Graphic Sun Technologies Ink Temprature Control System, ( Upgraded Later) Non stop feeder, Extended Delivery, No Damage or Repair on any of print, Impression & Blanket Cylinders. 222 Million Impressions, Punch Plate & Plate Bender is Available. Ventury Air Transfer System In Delivery, Shelves are available for thin papers, Delivery Grippers & Gripper Bars are UV PREPARED. All units Ink Keys are in good working condition, No Errors on Cptronics & CPC 1.04 Console, CIP 3 is installed with computer, USB & PCIMCA card, All Rollers are Hybrid & in Excellent Condition. Both Coater have separate Pump, Grafix Powder Spray system works perfectly, SINGLE OWNER, EXTREMELY WELL MAINTAINED MACHINE, Rail for Feeder is Available, All Manuals, Electrical Diagram is Available.

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28" x 40"

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